ReFocus Silmakeskus (Tartu)

ReFocus Silmakeskus helps patients to be free from glasses in the best possible way. ReFocus is the only Estonian eye clinic that offers third generation ReLEx Smile laser surgery. All of the surgical procedures are performed by Dr Pait Teesalu, who has experience of over 25,000 eye surgeries.

ReFocus eye centre offers your eyes the best possible way to be free from glasses. Our goal is not to operate on as many patients as possible, but to give each patient the best possible vision with eye surgery. A wide selection of different procedures enable us to help in being free from minus, plus or cylinder glasses in both young and older patients.

ReFocus eye centre is the only clinic to date in Estonia to offer third generation laser surgery ReLEx SMILE in addition to the standard PRK and LASIK laser surgery. The advantage of the SMILE procedure, when compared with the earlier laser procedures, is the less probability for dry eye as well as the longer lasting result. Where necessary, we offer the possibility for free additional correction within 5 years.

Visian ICL and Artiflex additional lenses are implanted to those in whom laser surgery is contraindicated due to thickness or shape of the cornea or because of eye dryness. Unlike laser surgery, there is no removal of tissue during the additional lens implantation and the additional lens can be removed if necessary.

For patients in the reading glasses age, we perform lens exchange surgery. In these procedures, the lens that is losing elasticity is replaced with an artificial lens, the optical properties of which allow the patient to see both near and far without glasses. We consult with the patient to determine his/her exact needs and choose a premium artificial lens with just the right characteristics. ReFocus uses only the best products during operations; the majority of the implanted multifocal lenses are produced by leaders in the field, such as Carl Zeiss AT LISA trifocals and AMO Symfony.

All laser surgeries and lens procedures are performed by eye surgeon Pait Teesalu, who has experience of over 25,000 eye surgeries and has headed the Eye Clinic of the University of Tartu for the past 10 years. Laser operations are only performed in a clinic in the centre of Tallinn, while investigations and lens procedures are held in both Tallinn and Tartu.

We believe that modern technology and knowledge together with the skills and commitment of our doctors, optometrists and nurses help improve our patients' quality of life in the best possible way.


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