Eero Ränik

Eero started out his career in print design and moved on to develop prototypes of various software and hardware products as well as services for a decade. He led a company developing medical sensors and also worked as a paramedic to better understand the healthcare industry. In Medihub, Eero is responsible for the operational side of the company, spending his time on both more difficult coding tasks as well as business development. His semiotics studies have taught him to communicate precisely and clearly which is a strong bonus in both of those areas.

We are truly dedicated to organising your medical travels in the best possible way.

Our main goal is to change the healthcare market in the Nordics and Baltics more transparent. To do this, we make it simple to find clinics and compare prices. In the future, we are going to enable quality comparison of clinics using an index based on patients' feedback. Also, we help patients with booking appointments abroad.

Our Team

  1. Helary Lainjärv


  2. Eero Ränik


  3. Gert Vesterberg


  4. Margus Niitsoo

    Algorithms Engineer

  5. Kristi Reinfeldt


  6. Sigrid Liira

    Lead Designer

  7. Maksim Zagura

    Consultant of Radiology

  8. Veikko Jarmala

    Finnish Consultant

  9. Ave Põld


  10. Liis Kilgast


  11. Rasmus Saks


  12. Kristjan Vedel

    Lead Developer


Medihub OÜ

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